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A Few More Client Challenges


The issues may be very different, but the creative process plays out the same. Listen, Understand, Question, Create, Convert, Execute and Review Results.

How do we get different business units talking?

Australian company, IMATECH, has many overlapping market segments and a wealth of employee experience around the world.

A team building project got them acquainted and talking to each other at an international sales meeting.  The art project brought out the kid in everyone by creating a single canvas painting in small groups. The single pieces were combined into a 40-foot art wall on stage. There was a collective gasp from the audience as they witnessed first hand how the total is greater than the sum of its parts. The result was stunning.


This was the most interaction we've had among our different segment leaders. It was such a productive and fun meeting.


 Director of Marketing, Johnny Youssef

We need to change the tone and attitude of our meeting this year

Hologic sales force interacts with health care professionals about breast cancer imaging. Communications in the past were soft and sensitive.  Q Creative switched the tone to urgent and bold.  Using a "mash-up" video format, the importance of the sale force message became more critical and motivating. There was a serious job to do and we needed a serious jolt to get attention.


Initially I was skeptical of the change but we needed to try it. It was powerful, well received and decidedly different.  


Marketing Director, Pam Cumming.

How do we promote best practices around the world quickly and effectively?

Lubrizol wanted to show the world the best installation practices for BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems. The company needed to blast the message to countries around the globe in  7 different languages quickly and with clear direction. In record time every country got the message in its own language with CGI animations that helped cut across cultural and language barriers.


Our team received excellent feedback on the quality and speed of communication about the new systems.


Matthew Kuwatch, Director of Sales.



How can we showcase our new clinic before construction even begins?

No walls. No floors, No windows and doors. NYU Medical Center wanted to introduce a new clinic to the media while the building was still in the concept stages.  The earlier people knew about the new, full-service diagnostic center, the sooner patients would sign up. Using architectural drawings and 3D video, we created the clinic environment before the first nail was driven.


We got great early media coverage that introduced the new facility and raised the profile of NYU Trinity Center throughout Manhattan.  


Marketing Director, Ann Scott

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